The Quest for Life Foundation is the valuable place that helped me begin to refocus myself when I was feeling lost and at the edge of my life. If it was not for this Centre and the skills it taught me in the week I was there, I would not be sitting here and writing this. I shall be using the techniques I learned on the program. Thank you Quest for Life!

Hi Petrea & her wonderful fellow team I wish to say thank you SO much. I also wish to thank the visitors that conduct the courses in the beautiful and nurturing Bundanoon environment. I have been fortunate to attend two courses. They are interesting and informative. You leave with a better life attitude, more compassion, increased gratitude and a clarity for improving your self worth and relationships. I love and respect how your courses always enrich your own personal self reflection and also gratitude on a community and spiritual basis. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your healing Bundanoon Namaste I am very grateful.

The best gift I've given myself was attending Quest for Life. I'm a slow learner and unfortunately needed the terrifying jolt of breast cancer to 'bring me to my senses'. I had not been living MY best life and had ignored my own needs and desires. My time at Quest left me excited and exhilarated to live a better life. A more fulfilling and meaningful life. As Petrea's book says - "Your Life Matters - we are not here by accident, we are not a mistake. We are not here for the kids, a career, the mortgage. We are here to make the journey of our lives and it matters more than the destination. I met some beautifully brave and inspiring people that I will never forget. The facilitators are compassionate and passionate in their delivery. One poem that was read by Noella has stayed with me - "Blessed be the longing that brought you here, and quickens your soul with wonder. May you have the courage to listen to the voices of desire that disturb you when you have settled for something safe." I had quite a few light bulb moments. As each hour of each day unfolded exquisite pearls of wisdom would be divulged and I clutched these close to my heart, hungry for their sustenance. I can't say my life as such has changed since doing the course (it has only been a few weeks!) but my outlook on life has. Instead of worrying continually about the cancer coming back, I spend more time on what I can do to "fluff ME up" and also live to MY full potential. It's incredibly exciting when the whole world opens up for YOU. Am I happy I was diagnosed with breast cancer? No. Would I have made these changes without it happening? Probably not, although there was always a quiet yearning, I was 'too busy' to listen or MY needs were never important enough to listen to. This course has given me a much healthier respect for myself and that it is crucial for me to look after my body, my mind and my spirit. I am responsible and I am worth it. I wholeheartedly recommend Petrea King's Quest for Life courses as it will enrich your life. If you are fortunate enough you will hear Petrea or Wendy speak and they are truly inspirational. If there is one 'tool' that I picked up and hope never to put down from the course, it would be 'coming to your senses', or meditating. Stopping for moments in time so you can just BE. It's those moments when you can really hear your own heart's desires.

I have in my life many of the D's we learnt about, death, divorce, depression and disaster but I have changed... the tools that you have taught me in what seems now such a very short time, I have really put into place. I feel it, my friends have noticed and my children can see a great difference in how I handle whatever they may have to tell me. For that I will be eternally grateful... thank you all so much. Petrea, you and your wonderful people have helped me feel with my heart again... It will take more time, there are still tears every day, but I will get to a place where the torturous, burning grief gets softer. Your book 'Sometimes Hearts have to Break' is so sad, but so uplifting at the same time, you have such a beautiful soul.

I attended the first ‘Nourishing the Spirit ‘retreat from 2–6 June 2014. I just wanted to express how eternally grateful I am toward you all for the incredible experience and for the prolonged change it will forever have for me. I have tried all sorts of different therapies in the past 1 ½ years, but it wasn't until I attended this retreat that a complete liberation from my eating disorder occurred. Of course, I still have some more to work on but my entire belief and love for myself has now flourished. I can now truly say that I respect and love myself and I no longer want to die. Before coming to Quest, I had lost all hope and zest for life but now something has finally worked for me and I am eternally grateful. My rainbow began at Quest and it will forever flow. I opened my heart and now I will never forget the wonderful things you do. Thank you so very much. Warmest wishes of peace, love, joy and happiness to you all.

“Up until now” I really didn’t know or understand how to be truly happy!

What a month it has been since returning from Quest!! At the time of going to Quest, I was questioning why I was going? I now know why? The Universe/God was preparing me for the battle ahead with tools for me to use, especially in this last week! Upon returning home, from Quest, I went into hospital to have my battery changed which was no big deal at all. In and out in half a day and then I planned to get on with life. There were a few things that happened in the proceeding weeks that at the time I didn’t think much of, but now looking back I can see it all. • I started getting hot and sweaty, straight after the op, which at the time I thought were hormone issues. • I was also very itchy at my wound sight which people kept telling me was the healing process. My wound did heal very well which was good – phew! I am a fighter and I don’t go to the doctors much unless I am really sick as more often than not, they poke you with a needle and I hate needles. I had an appointment to see my Neurophysiologist, last Thursday, which I have seen for 6 years now, ever since I agreed to be part of the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) trial. On Tuesday I had redness and tenderness around my wound sight and up my neck. I chose to keep an eye on it and mention it to my Neuro when I saw him on Thursday. Wednesday I did feel better and Thursday I felt okay but still mentioned the redness and tenderness. As soon as the Neuro saw my neck and chest he exclaimed that I needed intravenous antibiotics and that I had to go directly to hospital and not pass GO (and not collect $200 – monopoly joke!). I spent four days in hospital on I.V. antibiotics, I had 3 blood tests and a canular change (which took four attempts!). I was so ready to run out of there. I got to go home on Monday after my Neuro contacted infectious diseases and came up with the right cocktail of antibiotics for me to take for the next three months. I have to have fortnightly blood tests because the drugs are soooo potent. As it turns out I picked up a hospital infection that is hard to kill as it has a protective bio-film around it. I am not at all contagious, but I am unwell. The damage the antibiotics can do to my body is mind blowing and all I can do to protect myself is ‘eat yoghurt’! I am grateful to Quest for teaching me to relax and be in the moment as this is what saved me from losing it the day they attempted to put the canular in four times. I am still not out of the woods – if the infection cannot be killed, I have to have my DBS removed and learn how to sit up and control my body on my own again. The reason for the DBS removal is that the infection can travel to my brain as that is where my wires lead. At the moment I am just doing what I can on a daily basis and resting lots. Going through a gamut of emotions - tired of resting already and there is still two and a half months to go. Martha x

At Quest I was treated as a person dealing with very difficult circumstances, not as a machine that had gone wrong. Through one-on-one counselling sessions with Gill (these sessions cost extra but were worth every dollar) I was able to tell my story and say how I felt completely lost and out of my depth. The comfort of an empathetic listener was wonderful. I felt validated, nurtured and supported. I was able, for the first time, to cry about what had happened to my loved ones.

Healing Your Life has given me back my life!

The things I learnt while on the Taking Control of Chronic Pain retreat were: There are 168 hours in a week, use them wisely and think about how my time is split up. About the thought of using meditation to remove the focus off my pain and that its ok if it doesn’t work the first few times. That tears are OK, they are healing and accepted. About the brain and doing things that positively help the brain .. like smiling. To use alarm bells when I get to that negative space, to try and notice when I am there and to accept that its ok if I can’t get out of it straight away but to notice it. That something in my life needs to change because it’s very sad and depressing; how almost all of my time is used and I realised that through the activity work we did. That I don’t have a voice in the team I have managing my condition. That I need to get resources off Coralie and research to find the answer. To stop and breathe and feel into the space I am in and to recognise the feeling I am feeling. That feelings are separate to me and my body, they are something I am feeling and to notice them, and let them be without judgement. The power of a hug when you are in a vulnerable space, not judging it, just accepting it. That meditation can be a place where I can escape the pain, I just need to put the work in to learn and practice it.

My time at Quest was amazing. It far surpassed my expectations as to how relaxed I was capable of feeling. I’d given up on ever feeling ‘normal’ again but Quest gave me hope. It’s a beautiful place full of beautiful people. I've been using ‘Be Calm’ and also Bernie’s Yoga Nidra CD daily and will continue to do so. Coming to Quest was the absolute best thing I could have done for myself ... I'm hoping I'll be able to recapture the calm I felt there.

What a wonderful space and programme. What I loved was that all the facilitators of the group said that this was not a miracle cure, and we could not expect everything to be perfect after just one week. The facilitators also showed that they were real human beings too, on their own journeys and shared their own trials and tribulations. The food was wonderful and I have already created a couple of delicious dishes from Petrea's "Food For Life" cookbook. Loved Ganga's music session and the whole experience. The course complimented all of the other psychological work in my own life, and re-affirmed that I was on the right path. Definitely 5 stars from me. Thankyou Quest For Life. Thankyou.
John Bellamy

In my whole life I have never known what it is or what it was like to feel a deep sense of peace, until I learned this invaluable life lesson at Quest, (I might say it has taken me at least 5 visits to Quest). My journey is ongoing and my peace is found is nearly all that I am and participate in every day of my life. Petrea and her amazingly devoted family at Quest are my guardian angels and I will forever be grateful to them for helping me find and heal my heart, soul, mind and body. I am so proud of me and the path I am now on ( and so are my beautiful family ) that i can honestly say for the first time ever, I really do love me and think that I am pretty darn special. My face is full of smiles and my heart full of love for every extraordinary day. My cancer has become my friend and my inner voice when I need to be gently reminded how precious each and every day is. I thank my angels at Quest for allowing me to find this unique and priceless gift.

In May 2011, I was one of the participants of the Healing your Life program. During the week I felt nurtured and at peace. I was able to express my fears amongst all the other inspirational participants who showed me their love and understanding and allowed me to feel safe and be myself. Meeting Petrea was something even words cannot describe. Thank you for your warmth and compassion, your hugs and warm smile and for just listening. Your wonderful staff Petrea, who constantly showed us how much they genuinly care. On the Friday of that week I struggled to hold back my tears knowing I was about to leave all the special people I had just spent the week with. I did not expect to make these connections and it is wonderful to know we have kept these friendships since returning home. Having that ongoing love and support has only strengthened that bond. As we heard the facilitator's individual goodbyes to the group, it was heart warming to see them also struggle to hold back their own tears and emotions as we heard them express what effect we had on them during the week. It showed me how much compassion they have in their hearts. I would like to end with a thought I also shared with Bernadette. "I release old fears, for they were never part of my true self. I am strong now and forever. I own my power with love and grace, fuelling it with my caring thoughts, positive emotions and complete faith". Love and hope, Rita xx

I have just finished reading Petrea King's book "Your Life Matters". It was one of the most helpful books I have read, it left a real impression. Petrea made things clear and accessible. What she wrote made a lot of sense and I have already recommended the book to a few people. Reading the book, one can really see that she really cares about the suffering and needs of her fellow men and women. A heartfelt thank you for creating Quest for Life; Petrea.

The energy that comes with being at Bundanoon with the team fills my soul. Thank you!

Thank you Quest For Life. I came to you feeling overwhelmed by my life. I came away feeling like my life is a blessing. Thanks to the staff and the participants, I now have the tools to ensure I feel every moment of my life and experience it in it's true form....and respond accordingly. I want to come back again and again and keep feeling the love!!
Jodie Phillis

My husband and I made the journey to Quest in a state of exhaustion. Our daughter died a couple of years ago and the impact of her unexpected loss had eroded our selves and our sense of "us". The warmth, care, and love we experienced at Quest was phenomenal, and the skills we learned are very much part of our day-to-day lives. My advice? Make Quest a priority, make the commitment - you will not regret it.

The Quest for Life programmes are so very instructive, enlightening and healing. I have been involved with Petrea and the Institute for 15 years now since my breast cancer, my volunteering there, and now my husband's thyroid cancer. There is nowhere in Australia that offers this kind of healing environment. It is priceless. We feel so blessed to have it not only available to us, but as Southern Highland dwellers on our doorstep. Thank you Petrea, for being in our lives!

I did the Quest for Life 4 weeks ago. It gave me an amazing lift in my spirits and clarity around how to ensure I recover from early breast cancer to live a long, happy, healthy life. I have created a new eating plan for myself and meditate every day with Petrea's healing, guided meditations. I would love to see all doctors teaming up with integrated practioners and Quest for Life for the healing of the whole body - mind, body and spirit.

Thank you "Quest for Life" for keeping in touch. I had so much fun participating in the "Healing your Life" residential program and meeting all the other brave, wonderful participants who helped me so much. Thanks everyone for the laughs, tears and encouragement! It has had a profound life changing effect on me!!! I wake up smiling every day! I'm shocked! Now my daily ritual, after a sound nights sleep is meditate rather than medicate followed by the occasional "CTMS". I'm really surprised by how it has worked for me. My involvement with the Quest for Life Foundation, meditation and a desire to live life to the fullest, has led me to eliminate my sleeping pills, anti-depressants and sedatives. I don't take anything and plan to keep myself this way! My attitude is; "Everyday is my gift to myself so live life to the fullest!" I also now realise that drugs simply mask the behaviour but meditation helps mould the behaviour without the side effects. Also, Petrea King's philosophy on life just makes so much sense and has empowered me to make the big changes that I wanted. I give myself regular top ups of her wisdom via the podcasts on the website with the discussion on spirituality being the most profound for me. I've handed Quest for Life brochures to my GP and psychiatrist. My doctor who I have been seeing for over twenty years commented "All this, just by meditating!" Thank you Petrea and the team at Quest for Life. My challenge now is to maintain my new lifestyle and enjoy! With love and loads of rainbows, Yvonne xxx