Trauma - when the brain remembers what you want to forget

The repercussions from a traumatic experience often don’t surface until weeks, months or even years after the event. It can be both surprising and confusing to people as they struggle to understand why their brain and body continue to react, given that the traumatic event has passed. Some people never make the connection between their current emotionally distressed state and the trauma that created it. 

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4 tips to successful communication

Have you ever thought about what you are communicating both inwardly to yourself and outwardly to other people? Everyone needs to focus on their communication skills from time to time. Here are Petrea's tips for more successful communication. 

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Bushfire recovery: Practical ways to get back on your feet

The bush fires that are wreaking havoc across Australia are having devastating effects on the lives of people, animals, wildlife, property and the environment. With worldwide media coverage, social media, local radio and newspapers, even those not directly involved are impacted by the enormity of the disaster. 

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Easing children's anxiety: A simple practice

Calming children in times of anxiety and worry. This ritual has developed out of our work in helping children deal with challenging, sad or distressing news, such as times like this where many in Australia are affected by fires. We have found it to be a wonderful blessing for children and a comfort for their parents.