Healing Your Life

A nurturing residential interactive group education program for people living with challenging emotions and who want to heal the past, build resilience for a better future and live wholeheartedly in the present. You will be nurtured, nourished and restored with the confidence to embrace the world again.

About the program

We call them life’s Ds, whether it’s a diagnosis, divorce, death, depression or disaster everyone faces a significant challenge at some point. If you’re finding it difficult to cope, are feeling depressed, stressed or anxious, our Healing Your Life program can make a profound difference in your life. We provide many practical strategies, techniques and tools to increase physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and encourage you to implement the ones that feel right for you.

For over 30 years the Quest for Life Foundation has provided programs which inspire and support people living with the challenges of depression, grief, loss, anxiety, cancer, chronic illness and pain.

Our 5-day residential programs are conducted at the Quest for Life Centre in Bundanoon, in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. The residential aspect of the retreats allows you to focus on your own life without distraction and learn valuable life skills and strategies for healing and peace.

The role of meditation, living mindfully, taking charge of our thoughts and feelings, practical strategies to communicate better, learning to respond rather than react, and managing our lives more skilfully are amongst the topics discussed. Program content provides evidence-based approaches to reestablishing health and wellbeing. Program content is always tailored to the participants and addresses practical aspects of living well with challenging circumstances and instruction on how to create an environment for healing.

You will leave this program

  • with a clear map forward in your life 
  • knowing how to stop old patterns from dominating your life 
  • feeling confident in your ability to skilfully embrace your challenges
  • knowing how to create an environment for healing 
  • with a much deeper understanding of yourself and others 
  • feeling optimistic, empowered and capable 
  • with a greater appreciation for your story and your potential 
  • with a toolkit of strategies and practical skills to draw on for life 
  • able to respond rather than react to stressful situations

Our nationally acclaimed programs change people’s lives in practical and positive ways and people generally leave confident in their ability to meet the significant challenges they face. 

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"Totally life-changing and empowering and transformational ... when a program can change your mindset from hopeless to hopeful then thats almost miraculous .. !! - Roz

"If I could give all the stars in the galaxy for this review I would! I attended the Healing Your Life program and it was the BEST thing I have ever done! Everyone was absolutely amazing. I felt so comfortable and looked after from the minute I walked in the door. Quest for Life has well and truly changed my life and I'm so excited about the new life journey I'm on... I'm forever grateful and cannot wait to return again in the future! Thank you all so much." Sharee 

“It was a practical experience of support; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Good scientific information with practical instructions for application into daily life. It was a non-dogmatic approach for us to make our own choices.” Harry

"As a Board Member for the Quest for Life Foundation I elected to sit in on a Healing Your Life program. All my impressions of QFL and its objectives and program content were exceeded. The staff were warm and empathic, the accommodation and venue first rate, while the food was imaginative and excellent. The daily programs were wonderfully and richly constituted with superb facilitation.

Most members attending that week were dealing with enormities and many stated at the beginning that they felt 'broken.' Yet at the end of the week, the most common descriptor offered by the attendees was that they felt 'joyous.' I judged that this reflected both the content of the program and a set of extension factors which joined people together and facilitated a sense of hope and mastery. I have not observed such a distinct phenomenon previously as it affected so many of the attendees. I judge that Petrea and her staff have built and shaped programs that are marked by style and content, are innovative and pluralistic, and which touch people’s souls. As a Board member it was a privilege to observe and further sharpens my already established commitment to QFL." Professor Gordon Parker AO, Scientia Professor, School of Psychiatry, UNSW

“My husband and I made the journey to Quest in a state of exhaustion. Our daughter died a couple of years ago and the impact of her unexpected loss had eroded ourselves and our sense of "us". The warmth, care, and love we experienced at Quest was phenomenal, and the skills we learned are very much part of our day-to-day lives. My advice? Make Quest a priority, make the commitment – you will not regret it.” Karen

“I’d worked in the same company for 15 years. I’d risen through the ranks and was on my way to a senior role in management. My colleagues felt like family. I thought I was there for life. When my job was terminated by text, I was gutted. I’d never felt such rage, indignation and rejection. My anger, bitterness and resentment began to destroy my marriage, my relationships with my kids and I’d nearly run someone off the road. That scared me into doing something. My wife sent me to Quest where I learned to communicate more skilfully with her and the kids, to calm my emotions, to switch off my chaotic mind at night and to remember other things I liked and valued about my life. I’m not entirely sure where I’m headed as it's early days, but I’m not worried. I have more confidence in myself and my capacity to create a loving future for myself and my family.” Ed  

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