Quest for Life

Based on 30 years of delivering exceptional program experiences for people living with cancer, MS, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia, MND, SLE and other autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses, this interactive group education program delivers the latest research on health, healing and neuroscience.

About the program

The diagnosis of cancer or serious illness profoundly impacts our lives. Quest for Life is a residential program designed for people seeking ways to actively contribute to their own healing and make meaning of this challenging experience. The program explores many avenues of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and encourages participants to find their own best answers. Partners and loved ones are encouraged to attend and some focused sessions are conducted specifically for them.

The role of intuition in healing, taking charge of our thoughts and feelings and practical strategies to manage aspects of illness are covered as well as dietary guidelines and meditation. The content of the program is always tailored to the participants and addresses practical aspects of living well with illness and creating an environment for healing.

You will leave this program

  • knowing how to create an environment for physical healing
  • understanding yourself and others more deeply
  • with practical tools for meditation, communication and healing
  • feeling inspired and confident to embrace your challenges in a positive way
  • brimful of valuable insights and knowledge and an ability to find your own best answers
  • with an enlivened spirit

Our nationally acclaimed programs change people’s lives in practical and positive ways and people generally leave confident in their ability to meet the significant challenges they face. 

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“There is no ‘quick fix’ for a person who has cancer. Quest for Life is a complete package that helps you come to terms with your illness, to cope with it emotionally, to get the most out of each moment and to value those who love you. I am extremely thankful to have found Quest for Life ten years ago when I was dealing with a poor prognosis from oesophageal cancer, and for having the opportunity to take part in many of their wonderful programs since. The services provided by the facilitators and staff are simply phenomenal! The quiet solitude the Centre provides is an excellent environment for learning the things the program is designed to teach. Everyone works diligently to ensure we get the most possible out of the program. I don’t believe I would still be alive today without the lessons learned at the Quest for Life Centre.” Tracie

"Overall it has been a perfect week as I am going home feeling much better physically and a better man. I have learnt practical tools in my life to create more peace and healing." Mark


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